As I plan start personal projects, I find myself stressed.

How should I combine my contractor work with my desire of becoming independent?

I find myself stressed and the main reason is I am exhausting myself. I try to optimize everything. I want to use the best programming language for the task, the best code editor, the best server tools. The list is infinite.

This is in conflict with my job. I spend way too much time learning new things and trying to reinvent the wheel in another programming language. This makes me less efficient in my day to day job and slower in my personal projects.

There’s a limit to the focus energy I can use every day. And I deplete it too quickly learning non essential things.

So today I am doing a mental switch. I am committing to becoming a satisfycer and not an optimizer1. I can succeed with any programming languages. It is more important to find ways to ship fast. And I can ship fast by reusing languages I know well and that I use everyday.

I want to synergize between my day to day job and my projects.

  1. Schwartz, B. (2005). The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less. Harper Perennial.