Aurélien Bottazini

Aurélien and the love of his life: Anne-Sophie!

I am a Web Artisan from France. Here is a little more about me.


  • JS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • GQL
  • Ruby
  • DDD

Expert in modern Javascript, HTML, CSS3 and modern SPA frameworks. I love Ruby & Ruby on Rails. To help me architect my applications I consider Domain Driven Design, Solid Principles, gang of four patterns and enterprise ones. I have experience designing Graphql APIs and using them with web clients. I am experienced with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. I have deployed and managed Web applications using Capistrano, Chef and Docker. I enjoy using serverless tools. I admire ClojureScript.

I am proficient with graphic design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. In my work I consider standards, accessibility, usability, responsiveness.

French is my native language. I learned English in Florida where I spent 3 years. Since then I am fluent in English. I have been working remotely since 2014.



Senior Developer [ 2016 - Present ]

I work on the configuration of the majority of our Javascript tools. This involves customs webpack configurations, unit specs and e2e specs and integration of all of those tools with docker. I am helping people get started with VueJs and Graphql and leading the way in term of good Architectural practices with our VueJS repositories. On the backend side (Ruby) I converted many of our old rest APIs to Graphql. I also participate in the review of new candidates for our Frontend team.


Senior Developer [ 2014 - 2016]

Helped clients develop their business. Using technologies like: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Angular, React, Neo4j. I helped Clevertech to move toward the use of containers with Docker. I taught a course on Conversations for Actions or How to communicate efficiently with your team and your clients.


Senior Software Developer [March 2010 - 2013]

Development and Deployment of hundreds of games on the Apple App Store (~500). Retrieval and parsing of Big Data through Ruby scripts and PostgreSQL. My work includes:

  • Metaprogramming of thousands of Active Record classes
  • PostgreSQL and SQLite3 data insertion, extraction & optimisation


Senior Software Developer [January 2009 – February 2010]

Metaboli is one of the leader in the digital distribution of Video Games. I was in charge of the Ruby Team in Paris. Responsible of the deployment and management of all the Ruby On Rails Apps. Refactoring of existing Code base with the promotion of Test Driven Development. Coordination with the remote Ruby team based in Sweden.
I’ve notably accomplished:

  • Complete automation of the deployment process. On test servers and on production servers with Capistrano. About 50 Apps.
  • Introduction and promotion of Unit Tests in the Ruby Team. Rspec, Cucumber and automatic supervision through automated tools and Cron tasks.
  • Migration of our code repositories from Subversion to Git.

Nomads PER

Software Developer [August 2007 – December 2008]

A startup I created with two friends from College. Design and Development of a Ruby on Rails app. Interaction with Web services like Amazon S3 and Paypal. Unit Tests with Rspec.


Junior Software Developer [March 2006 – March 2007]

A small but dynamic web Agency based in Paris. For one of our client, I was responsible of the design and development of an excel-like web application for sorting and presenting thousands of students. Technologies used: AJAX, MySQL, PHP.


Florida Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science [DEC 2005]
Certificate of appreciation — 2006 ACM Southeast Conference.

Coursework includes: Data structures, Algorithms, Design Patterns, Operating System Concepts, Visual Graphics, Databases.