I find myself hesitating again between clojure(script) and Ruby / Javascript.

  • Ruby and Javascript are what I use at work.
  • clojure is what I dream to use.

The benefits from clojure(script) that make me hesitate are

  • a language and frameworks ahead of anything else I can find in the Ruby and Javascript world.
  • stable librairies
  • one language to do everything.

The benefit from Ruby and Javascript are

  • my knowledge of the language and of the tools
  • How it synergize with my job.
  • One less layer of indirection (clojurescript compiles down to javascript)

I have examples of people switching away from clojurescript to remove that layer of indirection:

I can find ways to replicate the stabilities of Clojure librairies by carefully handpicking JS librairies. I can stay ahead of the curve by applying clojure principles in the JS world. It is also way easier to do it as a solo developer. BUT it is impossible to remove that layer of indirection from clojure.

Do it need clojure to be successful? NO. Would clojure make my life easier? Possibly. As I committed myself to synergize, I am committing myself to Ruby and JS. I am hesitating too much and this hesitation prevents me from working on my projects.