Code Enhancement

Yesterday I was talking about how I prefer to avoid build tools and dependencies. In the Web World, additions to established languages is a recurring pattern. I prefer variants that are compatible with the initial language. This helps keeping dependencies and build tools to a minimum.

For example with css with have two sass possibilities*.


body {
  background: blue;


	background: blue

I prefer scss because the scss snippet I shared is valid css. It makes it easier to use css and switch to scss when needed.

Another example with Javascript.


function sum(x: number, y: number) {
	return x + y;


* @param {integer} x
* @param {integer} y
function sum(x, y) {
	return x + y;

I prefer the JSDoc version. The JSDoc version is valid JavaScript code. There is no build step required to use that code. However you can leverage Typescript tooling to enhance your developer experience. Typescript understands JSDoc and can take advantage of it. It is the best of both worlds.