Writing for eternity

Something I would like to do more this year is to share my thoughts with a teacher mindset.

I would like to do so for two main reasons:

  • Improve my learning. Teaching is one of the best way to learn
  • Happiness. I genuinely enjoy sharing things that I consider useful.

To do this I would like to write with the idea that my website will survive me and stay available after my death. This way what I learned will be useful for a very long period of time. It could even be useful as Archaeological content for future History teachers. I am dreaming a lot here but It is useful to start with the end goal in mind.

So the first step is to find a permanent home for my website. This permanent home should be free so that even after my death, not paying hosting bills will not mean the deletion of my website.

My current strategy is to host my website on GitHub pages. GitHub is one (the?) largest code repository for developers. It was bought by Microsoft a few month ago. Those are signs that GitHub should stay up for a pretty long time. Also it is currently free to host a website using GitHub pages.

The second step is to repeat the first step. I am not comfortable entrusting the future of my website to one single organization. Thus I need mirrors for my websites and I have set up something similar to GitHub pages on Bitbucket.

My website is now accessible at:

Both repositories are also public:

I will try to add more mirrors in the future.