An amazing Iphone Puzzle Game

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Easy to grasp, fun to play

Tired of Sudoku? Fan of Tetris looking for another experience? Or are you just looking for a fun but challenging Puzzle Game?

Cubex is an easy to understand but challenging puzzle game. A Puzzle consist of a vertical Board with Cubes. There are two main type of cubes:

The principle is simple: move 2 or more Gem cubes with the same color next to each other and they will disappear. Beware of gravity and traps!

Challenge yourself, challenge the World!

With 120 levels Cubex lifetime is long and it is even longer if you consider our leader-board system. With Cubex comes bundled a leader-board. You can easily review your scores and compare with other Cubex Players.

On each map, you can see your record and the current World Record. You can try to equal the World Record on each map, or even better: establish a new one.

Sound and Graphics

We know that every little detail count.
Cubex features an original soundtrack and simple but beautiful special effects. We use the latest technologies available on the Iphone to provide you the best gaming experience possible.

If you have any problem related to Cubex, you can contact our support by using this email address:

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